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Long Time Family Advocate and Friend Gail Crosby Enters Retirement

How many people have the opportunity to work at a place they enjoy, while doing what they truly love to do with amazing people? To apply interests, talents and passions to help other people is a dream job and a huge blessing. This is how Gail Crosby, former Licensing and Volunteer Director, feels about her 28 years at WMFC.

“WMFC has really done more for me than I have done for WMFC and our community. It was an honor to be welcomed into the hearts of countless families who shared their trials and their blessings with me. It has been an honor to feel part of a bigger family - our WMFC family,” shared Crosby.

Gail began her WMFC journey as a young mom in 1989 when her youngest son, Jake was in preschool and Gail began volunteering in his classroom. Soon afterward, Gail was hired as a preschool aide. It would be the first of many roles that she would fill during her time at WMFC.

“One of the most important attributes Gail brought to the Center was her passion and love for the people that we serve. Gail always held “her” families in highest esteem and worked diligently on their behalf,” stated WMFC Executive Director, Greg Dorrien.

“The role I am most passionate about is working with families. Nearly every parent I have ever met wants to be a good parent but some have never seen what good parenting looks like. With a little education and encouragement, mediocre parents can become wonderful parents,” stated Gail.

Last year, Gail’s mom and dad were both diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. Then her dad had a fall and passed away leaving the care of her mother to Gail and her sisters. After much prayer and reflection, Gail felt called to care for her mom and she tendered her resignation from WMFC.

“I never expected to have mom move in with us nor did I plan on retiring at this point in my life, however this is similar to any family whose circumstances change abruptly through no fault of their own. Life just happens that way,” added Gail.

“Gail has become such an integral component of WMFC that it’s hard to imagine the Center without her,” reflected Dorrien. “She has always provided a calming influence with our patron families as well as our staff and an enthusiasm and work ethic that is unmatched. We miss her dearly but know that she has made a sound choice in taking this time to focus on her own family.”

Gail’s journey with her mom has been dedicated to educating herself on her new role - that of caregiver. Gail has tapped into Midland County Senior Services and is taking part in their Tools for the Caregiver Workshop and their Caregiver Support Group.

“I am amazed to learn how many people in our community are sharing their life to care for the needs of another,” shared Crosby. “Caring for an aging parent is much more all consuming than my full time job ever was but I welcome this challenging season in my life. Challenges are what give birth to future opportunities to help others who are going through similar challenges.”