Parent Education


Year Round

Playgroups are from 10-11:30 every Friday. Playgroups include fun activities for parents and children and are free to all families. There is limited transportation offered. For more information please contact Renee Young at 832-3256 or at

Family Services Events

Year Round

WMFC offers Parent Education opportunities throughout the year. Please refer to the WMFC Program Guide for information and details.

Family Camp at Camp Neyati

In 2012, WMFC hosted it's first set of family camps at Camp Neyati located on Crooked Lake, 55 miles northwest of Midland, Michigan. A total of 47 families which included 226 individuals participated in the three camps. Watch the Camp Neyati Video to see what everyone is talking about!

Other Program Offerings

For a complete lising of the small group discussions that are being offered during any particular month, or to register or obtain additional information, please contact Renee Young at 832-3256 or at