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Family Focus

The Family Focus is our newsletter periodical that is distributed throughout the year to approximately 5000 addresses throughout Midland County. This publication is full of information about WMFC programs, services and new WMFC projects and events. Staff members and volunteers alike contribute to the Family Focus Newsletter. The Family Focus has proven to be a reliable source of information for the Center. To be added to our Family Focus mailing list please contact Missy Finney at

Archived Issues

WMFC Program Guide

The WMFC Program guide provides detailed information regarding currently scheduled programs offered at the Center. The Program Guide is distributed "in house" and is available upon request at the WMFC Welcome Center.

WMFC News Articles Archives

The following archive of WMFC news articles is posted for your reference.


The following archive of WMFC reports are posted for your reference.

  • 2018 Water Test Results February 2018
  • 2017 Water Test Results November 30, 2017 #2
  • 2017 Water Test Results November 30, 2017 #1
  • 2017 Water Test Results 4
  • 2017 Water Test Results 3
  • 2017 Water Test Results 2
  • 2017 Water Test Results 1
  • 2016 Quality Water Report