High School Programs

Dow College Opportunity Program (COP)

The Dow College Opportunity Program (Dow C.O.P.) helps enrich students' lives and prepare them for college. This program was designed to help students prepare for college throughout their high school career. Dow C.O.P. begins in the freshman year of high school and continues through college graduation, with activities and opportunities designed to help each student be successful on his or her journey to, and throughout, college. C.O.P. activities throughout the year include an assortment of academic support, travel, cultural exposure, volunteering, and social events. C.O.P. students spend their summers participating in week- long trips that serve as the capstone of the year's activities.

Please click on the Dow College Opportunity Program (COP) Link or contact Mike Sobolewski at (989) 832-3256 or sobolewskim@wmfc.org for additional information.

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